Meeting Two Relentless Kids

Today, I had a good conversation with two young men. One is a trisikad (pedicab) driver and the other one is his friend. I saw them at the bakery fronting our house. From afar, I can see them eating some bread as they talk and laugh about some things while they park their trisikad on […]

The Right Workplace For You

People work not only because of money but also because of the learning, growth and the chance to get engaged with other individuals of the same interests . The question now relies on the work environment. How do we know that the company we are working for is the right company for us? I have […]

The Boss That Will Inspire You

This video is really amazing! It truly proves how great this man is.. This video is about a CEO that is about to step down after the 11 years of service. Mark Sebba, the CEO of an online luxury retailer Net-A-Porter is surprised by what his staff got for him. “They knew a conventional celebration […]

Design, From Past to Present

It was when I was able to stare at the moon closely from a 14th floor balcony, that I came up with the great question “What is design?”. So, what is design? Is it all about the shape? the smoothness or edges? the complete structure? the composition? or the fine detail of the art? For […]